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Thursday, February 28 2013
Automate audit column population in entity framework DbContext
In most of the database table we have fields to track created and updated information, while its pretty easy to use database triggers to populate created date and updated date populating created by and updated by is not trivial especially when you are using service account in your web application to connect to the database.

Sunday, November 22 2009
Can Firefox replace IE as the corporate browser?
Biggest obstacle that Firefox faces in becoming number one browser is its ability to woo IT managers to adopt Firefox as the default corporate browser or at least convince them to officially deploy within their organization.

Monday, June 22 2009
Creating get from cache method using generic func delegate.
Every time I used custom caching in my application I had to write a method, method will return cached version of the object if it’s available otherwise it will populate the cache and return the cached version.

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Tuesday, March 10 2009
How can I pass a javascript value to asp.net variable?
I have a problem with javascript and asp.net, I need pass a javascript value to asp.net variable. how can i do this? can I pass the input value from javascript to asp.net function, noramally it can't, but is there any work around to dothis?

Friday, March 28 2008
Generic String.Parse Extension Method
How can I create generic parse method to convert string to number or date?

Monday, December 03 2007
How do I draw verticle text on image using GDI+?
Following sample code shows you how you can draw verticle text on image using GDI+?.

Chart Sample

Follwing are few chart samples created using Charting Server that I created before couple of years. you can view details of charting server here

Radar Chart    Pareto Chart

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